Strawberry Green Tea Smoothie

strawberry green tea smoothie
strawberry green tea smoothie

Who doesn't like smoothies? They are light, healthy, fresh, an explosion of flavour! I love them especially because we get amazing flavours and they are super easy to make! Usually we use water or milk to make our smoothies, but this time I tried something different.
I used green tea and the result couldn't have been better. Green tea gives a more intense and deep flavour to the smoothie, enhances the taste of mint and strawberries - the perfect connection. To get a better taste don't forget to buy quality green tea (natural and organic).
This smoothie is perfect for detoxifying your body and giving a boost to your metabolism. Isn't it delicious?

10 strawberries
1 cup green tea
3 fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Make a cup of green tea. Allow to cool.
Mince the mint leaves. Wash the strawberries  and remove the green cap.
Put all the ingredients in a blender, turn it on and leave it there until smooth (around 2min).
Pour into a glass and add two ice rocks. Turn on the music and enjoy the freshness!


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