How To Become Vegan In Your Own Time And Pace

how to become vegan in your own time and pace

Take it slow
First thing, you need to get information. Do some research on what it means to be vegan, the changes, the benefits and why to become vegan. You need to have the right information to take control of your health. After you know everything about it, focus on your own reasons and always keep your goal in mind.
Some people go vegan overnight and if that's the right approach for you, go on! But if you feel you need more time, that's absolutely fine, go at your own pace. Going vegan is a change in your lifestyle, it takes time and there is no perfect guide to make that change because we are all different, it has to come from within you!

Change your diet
No one knows you better than yourself, and that's the most important thing during this step. No matter how many guides you've read, how many movies you've seen or how many searches you've done, we are all different. I started by cutting out the meat and I had no problem with it, but I always loved fish so I was pescatarian for a while (doesn't eat meat, but eats fish). After a few months, I became vegetarian and I cut out the milk as well. So, I kept the eggs and cheese. If you are a meat lover, I advise you to cut out red meat first. And after some months, when you feel comfortable, cut out other meats and fish.
After you've cutting all the meat and fish, cut the eggs and finally the dairy products - replace them for soya drinks, vegan cheese, coconut, hazelnut and almond milk.

Wear vegan
After you've changed your diet, you will finally change your beauty products and clothes. The best advice I can give you is for you to read the labels. Make sure the beauty products you are using are vegan and cruelty-free - don't buy anything that has been tested on animals. You don't need to buy your clothes exclusively in vegan brands, but you have to read the labels and make sure your clothes are made from vegan fabrics - faux leather, microfiber, cotton, faux suede, polyester, etc. Another thing you have to do is abandon the idea that buying vegan is more expensive. Just like any other lifestyle, you have expensive brands and cheap brands, you choose!

Do not give up
The hardest part when you are changing your lifestyle to a vegan one is your mind, the questions, the family comments and the friends jokes. They will not understand you and some of them will even offer you food they know you used to love, just to see if you can resist the temptation. Don't get in discussions with them, don't try to explain, they will not understand. Laugh at their jokes and recommend them some links or videos if they are really interested in your new lifestyle.
Remember to keep your goal in mind everyday and never forget that with a vegan lifestyle you are doing well to yourself, animals and Earth.

There is no right path and you don't have to follow the previous steps in order. You know yourself better than anyone else, so you will know which way is right for you! Take your time and get started however you want, but just start somewhere!


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