Let Your Heart Be Part Of The World With SeeMe

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let your heart be part of the world with seeme
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As part of humanity and a community, I try to support all the humanitarian causes I can. As a Social Pedagogue, working with disadvantaged children and families, I have seen the enormous barrier that economy causes in the lives of those who don't have the power. Social problems don't belong only to the victims, we are all part of the problem and we can always do something for those who can't. So today I'm here to represent a brand and support a cause that touched my heart, literally!

SeeMe is a fair trade jewelry brand with a strong cause: replacing violence with love.
Launched in 2013, the brand produces heart shaped jewelry and accessories, handmade by tunisian women who have been victims of violence and are now artisans of their life, freedom and independence. The main collection offers pieces in simple lines and all sizes hearts, designed in a delicate aesthetic. You can choose between long, medium or short chains, in silver, gold or rose gold colours.

Caterina Occhio, founder of SeeMe, worked in the Middle East and North Africa as a development aid manager specializing in social inclusion for more than a decade. This powerful woman worked for the European Commission (and other UN agencies) and helped pioneer the fair luxury movement. The brand aims to bridge the gap between luxury and fair trade, empowering women to lead their lives, teaching them the art of jewellery craft and providing sustainable work opportunities.
SeeMe operates according to the WFTO 10 Fair Trade principles, the World Fair Trade Organization. Creating a revolution in the luxury jewelery and the fair trade worlds, SeeMe joined the best of both and built a strong chain, proving to everyone that a luxury product can be good for people, in body and soul, and also for the environment.

seeme organization

SeeMe does not only replaces the chain of violence with beautiful hearts, it also rebuilds the heart of women. And all of us, as women and citizens of this world, have the obligation to support these causes, because no one should live in pain. Don't forget that hearts are made to be loved. We all have one since we born, we just need to start use it every day! There is so much we can do, we just can never stop! Go to SeeMe website and join the #heartmovement, let your love be seen!
Can you think of a better present for Mother's Day?! Give a heart to your mom while supporting another woman!
Wear one, give one, support one


*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine.
Thanks to SeeMe for giving their hearts to the world and make it a better place.


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