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vegan chocolate
vegan chocolate
vegan chocolate

It's Easter! And I can't find a better time to talk about chocolate (even though I'm one of those people who can talk about it every day). What could be better than chocolate? Your boyfriend coming home with lots of different chocolate especially for you! I couldn't remain indifferent to the delicious flavours and the beautiful packages, so I had to go investigate the brand and share everything with you. This is not a sponsored post, but simply a brand I chose to share with you as it has everything to do about me! After all, chocolate is made to be shared..

Brontie & co. is an artisan chocolatier, producing vegan and handmade delicious chocolate. The idea came from Brontie, an inspiring woman who wants to make the best and healthier chocolate. She has designed this chocolate around the principle “eat from nature”, believing that our bodies only need what nature already provides. Brontie also cares about community, so the "co." doesn't stand for company but for community, Brontie and community. The brand frequently gives a high percentage of the profits to charitable causes, which couldn't make me happier!

In their shop, you can find chocolate bars (flavours: peppermint, orange, vanilla, spicy chilli, lime), solid milk chocolate bunnies (dairy free), vegan superfood hot chocolate (flavours: original, chai, chilli) and also bare cacao, an alternative to coffee.
Every product is free from dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugar, but full of delicious flavours, vitamins and minerals. It's also free from additives and preservatives, so you can eat the whole bar without getting spots or allergies! What could be better?

Brontie & co. is committed to community and environmental values, so they use recycled, compostable packaging throughout the range. The cacao used is sourced from fair traid, organic suppliers and the sweeteners used are all from carob, apple and grape, 100% made from plants and zero sugar.

This Easter, run away from chocolate full of sugar, fat and dairy, that compromises your health. And when you have to think about those chocolates you need to offer to your loved ones, don't give them anything you wouldn't eat every day. Because chocolate doesn't need to be a treat to special occasions, it can be an every day healthy flavour!
As a blogger, I believe that I have the responsibility to share causes and the people who inspire me, making them reach you and create a happier world, because life is already challenging enough. So let's make today's sweeter and have some chocolate?


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Even a small purchase of my chocolate is in fact making a difference to lives on the other side of the world
— Brontie