How To Simplify Your Wardrobe (Easy And No Regrets)

how to simplify your wardrobe

We all want to simplify our life, we want it to be easy, clean and fair. Creating space is an important step to live better, happier and healthier - it helps you calm down and focus on what is important. It brings all your energy and awareness to what is really meaningful and helps you go on the right direction. So, where to start? Your wardrobe.
I'm sure your wardrobe is full of clothes that you don't use, don't like or don't fit you. You run out of space/hangers, you continue to buy and then you look for storage solutions so you can store even more clothes. Stop! It's time to get rid of what you don't need!
Follow these steps to clean your wardrobe and make more from less.

Choose a day and put it on your calendar - make sure that day you will have all the time you need to spend cleaning your wardrobe.
Empty your closet, completely! - move everything to your bed, even the clothes you have in storage containers or other areas of your home.
Start making piles by moving the clothes from your bed to the floor - stop your thought and follow your instinct, be ruthless and fearless.

You should make 4 piles:
Pile one: I love these items! They fit me well, I wear them frequently, they represent my style.
Pile two: I want to keep this even if I don't know why, I just can't get rid of this.
Pile three: These items don't represent my style, don't fit me and I never wear them.
Pile four: these items are not in good condition.

After you have the four piles, all your clothes included and you bed empty, follow these steps:
Pile one: Keep it, put the items back in your closet.
Pile two: Box up the items and put in the back of your closer for 30 days.
Pile three: Donate, give these items a new owner. Box up and put in your car, to donate before you have time to rethink.
Pile four: Trash, that's where these items go.
So, you are keeping two piles and getting rid of other two. If you didn't use and don't miss the pile two box after 30 days, donate and do not open it!

You will love the feeling of that clean closet, you'll spend less time trying to choose what to wear and your wardrobe will represent better who you are! Close your closet and celebrate! Go for a walk, have a special dinner and party all night!


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