Where To Place Your Cactus To Ensure Good Feng Shui

where to place your cactus to ensure good feng shui
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cactus lover
cactus lover

I have to admit that I'm a cactus lover. I love their perfect design, the shapes of the leaves, the colours, their weird and unique beauty! I think it's amazing how cactus can survive with low maintenance, poor soil conditions and no water. For many months I had cactus in my kitchen, those cute mini cactus that make everyone fall in love, until I discovered that the love I was receiving wasn't so great. What was wrong with my cactus? The place where I put them.
Cactus are living organisms, they consume and radiate energy, like people and animals. Good Feng Shui believes that cactus can redirect the negative energy, balance the house environment, create better communication between people and attract wealth. The problem is in their needles, they look like thousands of arrows shooting directed energy into the surrounding space, in all directions. Cactus radiate Yin (water) energy, which is good in small quantities, but according to Feng Shui it's not good to live near places that have excessive Yin or Yang energy. So the energy cactus radiate, depends on where you place them.</p>



Front door/entrance

Don't place your cactus close to the main door/entrance. This area needs to be free as possible for refreshing energy to come into your home and life. The only exception you can place your cactus there is if you are trying to protect yourself from neighbours and want to keep them away.


Living room

This is the space where you want to have people sharing experiences, smiling and having a good time. So, avoid little arrows poking into everyone and don't let people feel unconsciously attacked by someone.



It's very important to be happy and relaxed while preparing food. If you place your cactus in the kitchen, they will emit their negative energy during your cooking, that might definitely transfer to your meals and to people who are going to eat the food.



Cactus in bedroom will cause you to feel "pricked". The bedroom is the area where you want to be free from judgment, knock down walls and create intimacy, so don't place these plants there. This is also a forbidden area to place your cactus. When you are there, you want to be as relaxed as possible and at peace.



This is also not the right place, as cactus here will chase away your potential clients and business partners. Anyway, if you have a cactus on your office, it should be kept away from people, you can place it behind computer screens or on the side of a large computer desk.


The only proper place for a cactus in your home

In order to bring good Feng Shui, you can place your cactus in the "fame and aspiration" quadrant of your home (the part of your home dedicated to who you are and what you what to bring to the outside world). In total, there are 9 Feng Shui quadrants and this one is located in the far back corner of the middle portion of your living space . The cactus will protect your career and reputation.

Give your cactus a new place and say goodbye to negative energy!