My New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions

Why is it so important to think about your New Year's Resolutions? So you can make your dreams happen - because you actually can!
You have to raise your hands, open your heart and say that dream out loud. Let the dream become your reality and practice it every single day as if it was already happening. What we create in our minds, we can turn into reality.

So, what should you do?

- Define exactly what you want in the new year. Write a list. Check it two, three, four times. Be specific.
(use terms as "I will" and avoid "I wish" or "I want")

- Believe that every single resolution on your list will be accomplished in the next year. Imagine and visualize yourself accomplishing all those resolutions.
(meditate, go for walks in nature, express yourself to the universe and those around you)

- Read it over. Take a photo of it. Write it again. Read it again.
(until you make sure your resolutions are clear, specific and true to who you are/want to be)




IN 2018

I will be healthier, happier and more conscious.

I will live free of prescription drugs/birth control.

I will spend hundreds of hours working with people around the world through holistic health, alternative medicine and energy healing.

I will turn yoga and meditation into a daily practice.

I will create and publish more - online content, blog posts, photographs of my journeys.

I will spend more time with my family, boyfriend, friends and dogs - quality time, happy time, mindfulness.

I will create more meaningful relationships with authentic and awakened individuals.

I will work as a freelancer - creating content, photography, writing.

I will travel to Asia for the first time.

I will be more environmentally conscious than ever before - keeping my vegan diet and eliminating all toxic products from my routine.

I will see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

I will do volunteer work with organizations and people with great values.

I will move to Bali with my boyfriend, living and working, creating and loving.

I will do my second Interrail trip around Europe - this time on a budget.

I will make more money than I have made ever before - living free from materialistic stress and financial burden. 


Dream the dream. Breathe the dream. Live the dream. Be the dream.

What will you bring into reality in 2018?