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About a month ago, I started looking for alternatives to my plastic toothbrush! I wanted to further reduce my consumption of products that contain plastic, not only to protect the environment, but also my own health, because I believe that the plastic contains several toxic products that are anything but healthy. And that was when Lifestyle Bamboo came to my home!

Lifestyle Bamboo is a lifestyle brand that design and create quality products made from eco-friendly bamboo (using recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible). Their focus are on quality and not quantity, making sure the products they offer are thoughtfully and carefully made - high quality, useful and made to last - to enhance a toxic-free home and reduce the burden on our environment.

lifestyle bamboo toothbrush

Their toothbrushes are simply amazing! Made from 100% bio-degradable mao bamboo and environmentally friendly, as they can be disposed of safely by returning them to the earth in compost or soil and will decompose without pollution. They are also healthy-friendly, that means 100% BPA-free, so no chemicals here! As if this were not enough, all packages are recyclable - no plastic! - and hand-warped with love!

The brand also has bamboo washcloths, swaddle blankets and bamboo air purifier bags - my favourites! They are all natural, chemical-free and contain 200g of moso bamboo charcoal, perfect to renew the air in your house, keep it clean and healthy.

Using bamboo is the earth-friendly way to avoid plastic and chemicals that are as bad for the planet as for our own health. I know that nobody makes the conscious decision of harming themselves, nature and the whole environment, but the sad fact is that we do, and it's our responsibility to change it. Now the positive fact: you can change it - and you can start right now!
Jump to Lifestyle Bamboo, reduce plastic & waste in our home, and be free from toxic products!


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