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When you believe you've seen it all and think that slow fashion can't surprise you any more, Liz Alig comes and take you to the other side of the (wonderful) world. In a way that you will want to support them day by day!

The story of Liz Alig is as simple and natural as the brand itself, Elizabeth found her way after spending a summer in Kenya, wondering about fashion. She realized that real people make our clothes - people with dreams, good days, bad days, children.. So, she wanted things to change and to give the people who make out clothes a better life: making the production of our clothing a key in helping whole communities out of poverty. Elizabeth had this idea of clothes production with small fair trade cooperatives, giving women an education which in turn could give them a source of income to give their children a better life.

Liz Alig was born as a collection of few dresses, just to see if it was possible to make clothing completely and totally out of recycled materials. The dresses were being sold and people wanted more, so Elizabeth partnered with a group in Honduras to produce 100 more dresses, and this was only the start! Today, Liz Alig is a remarkable slow fashion brand but their goals still as simple as the way the brand was born - to make fashion forward, effortless style that you want to wear and clothing that gives women in developing countries hope and a meaningful job.

Talking about the materials, the brand stills use recycled materials along with organic cotton and handwoven fabrics. They partner with over ten fair trade cooperatives, workshops and NGO's, creating beautiful ethical clothing and making the clothes we choose to wear have a positive impact in the world around us. Together, Liz Alig and their partners are offering free skills training to women, free nursery for young children, fair wages and paid holidays to employees.

If the brand had already made me fall in love with their history and work, it was when I put on their clothes for the first time that everything got even better - comfort, softness and simplicity - everything I could ask for. I'm wearing the Anabella Crop Pants and the Casey Top. The pants are ankle length, straight fit and have front and back pockets, which makes it super easy to wear and very functional. The top is just absolutely perfect: made from 100% recycled t-shirts, and one of the softest materials I've ever worn! It features loose sleeves, hip length and asymmetrical inverted seams, which make it unique and special!

Liz Alig believes that clothing production can and should be transparent, and so do I. Slow fashion and sustainable materials can be beautiful and high quality. Slow fashion is important, recycling is important, the people who make our clothes are important, the world is important! Next time you need to buy, remember to check Liz Alig website and empower women in poverty with fair trade clothing that fits your lifestyle.


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*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine. Thanks to Liz Alig for making the world a better place.