The Real Definition Of Beauty

the real definition of beauty

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Beauty has varied throughout time, cultures and different perceptions all around the world. The world keeps spinning and beauty doesn't have a global description, equal for all, at any place and any time. Can this be the true definition of beauty? The impossibility of defining it. In a world full of fashion, trends, standards, stereotypes and prejudices, often times we can forget what beauty really is.

There's a definition that I actually love, it says that beauty means the qualities that give pleasure to the senses. And this has nothing to do with the concepts of beauty, intimacy and sexuality, which are often mixed, confused and judged! I believe that true beauty shines from the inside out. The latest fashion and beauty products have nothing to do with it. It's not about what we see on social media, not even the perfect standards that society tries to shove into your throat. It's about loving yourself for who you are, not what you look like. It's about living your own life according to your own believes and being the best human being you can possibly be.

True beauty can be seen with your eyes closed. Beauty has nothing to do with the current definitions of the body, or the aesthetic. Your physical appearance will change over time, that can't be stopped. However, you do have control of who you are as a person. And even who you are probably will change a bit over your life, but you can always decide who you become. You have control of what is within yourself, which can not be seen, but can be felt with all the senses, and that's beauty. True beauty. It's being you.

The best way to be beautiful is to simply be you - no matter how different from the norm that may be. You have to live your life confident in your beautiful soul and the world will see your beauty from miles away! Do not be afraid of being different, that's what make you really beautiful. Take off the layers you use to hide the imperfections and remove your mask. Be your own individual, accept your singularities and feel free in your own skin. We are all in here to be loved and the world is already full of copies. Do not cover yourself in anybody else's skin.
Do not waste your time trying to be somebody you're not. Look at your true self, inside, and accept it with your heart, your whole being.
Allow your beauty to flow.


- stay natural & be free