how could we lose our elementum?

how could we lose our elementum

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It's 2017, there is a new discovery every day, a new study, a new war, a new disease, a new perspective.. We dominate the world, space, time and even nature! We dominate the oceans, the forests and the deserts. We are lords of reason, of truth, we know everything and discover everything, day by day. But we want more and more - more power, more dominance, more territory, more wealth.
I believe that our values are inverted, Man seems to be above Nature, trying to control every piece of land, every ray of the sun, every drop of rain and every wave of the sea.

Where are our values? Where are our roots? We don't have an unique essence anymore. We don't have an essence at all. We visit the same places, we wear the same clothes and we choose the same personality as everybody else.
We are forgetting who we are, where we came from, what distinguishes us from others. We are forgetting our own elementum. And by elementum, I mean an essential part of something. What are we if we can't even be an essential part of something?! It seems that we no longer remember our roots, our past, our history. We are too busy, we are too blind, we are too lost, and in fact we are not even here anymore.

Sometimes I try to figure out how we got to this point: was it the money? technology? politics? religion? I think the answer is quite simple and can only be found in one place: inside us. because if we were able to maintain our true self, our elementum, we would not get lost. We would not lose. Because what we are doing is nothing but losing, fighting against the Earth, fighting against nature, fighting against each other, fighting within ourselves. How could we lose our elementum?

(below is a video with a musical production to bring awareness to the 5 elements of the earth, it was with great pleasure that I danced, interpreted and maintained my elementum in this work of art)

- stay natural & be free