What Does Freedom Mean

what does freedom mean

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when you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your freedom, your life, will begin
— Buddha

Our minds are filled with negative talk and self-doubt and sometimes those thoughts are so loud we can't hear our authentic self shine through. On a deeper level, we can't connect, we can't achieve total freedom. But what is freedom? When we think of free-spirited people, we project this image of someone who is against all the laws of society, against all rules and who lives thinking only of himself. Well, freedom is much more than that..

I've been pursuing freedom during the last years of my life and I believe that we have to explore the possibility of freedom as it's immediately present each time we make a choice. Freedom is not a nature, and you don't find it by looking for your hidden innate nature. Freedom is the choice to make choices.
You find freedom when your intentions are not totally conditioned by the past. Your sense of freedom grows as you explore and exercise it, each time you choose.
Freedom means choosing what is best for you, being what you are and living according to what you believe, no matter what people can do, say or think.

When you choose to forgive instead of holding to those feelings, you are free
When you embrace chaos, instead of struggling for control, you are free
When you choose your own path and do not follow where everyone goes, you are free
When you learn from your mistakes instead of letting them define you, you are free
When you dress like you want instead of following trends, you are free
When you accept uncertainty instead of stressing about what you don't know, you are free
When you love yourself regardless of what other people think, you are free
When you choose to appreciate what you have instead of lamenting what you've lost, you are free
When you plant yourself in this moment, and do what you can to make the most of it, you are free


- stay natural & be free