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sololu dress
sololu dress
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sololu dress
sololu dress

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When we think of Bali, our brain draws a fresh, green and beautiful picture, just like Sololua lifestyle brand with seasonless designs, ethically made by hand in Bali, Indonesia. The brand was born from Rosanne's love of travel and style. She decided to create her own clothing collection as she couldn't find quality clothing ideal for travel: comfortable, stylish and affordable!

Their mission is to inspire women to live life to the fullest and empower them to feel beautiful and confident in sustainable clothing they could wear throughout the entire year. Sololu also wants to avoid the issue of clothing being discarded within a year of purchase, and that's why they focus on creating quality clothing designs that last!

In Sololu, the fabrics used are soft, lightweight, breathable and biodegradable, creating the most comfortable pants, shorts, tops and dresses for all women who travel or lead active lives. Their designs are simple but super stylish and what I love the most is that you can mix and match their pieces year-round! Add handmade jewelry from their accessories collection and you will look even better!

With the clothing industry being one of the largest polluters in the world, our vision is to continue to create sustainable clothing, ideal for travel, that makes a positive change in the world and clothing industry for us and generations to come. In order to walk a little lighter on the earth, we aim to create pieces that are as eco-friendly as possible

Sololu has the cutest boho chic style, for which I am completely in love. All their pieces are super versatile so you don't have to spend hours choosing what to wear and can actually enjoy every minute of your day! The dress I'm wearing is absolutely my favourite for this season, the design is just perfect, either for the day or for the night - reversible black/wine colours with high neckline and low back. It is 100% made of Rayon, with adjustable straps for a perfect fit, and it really fits perfectly!

Designs that look good on everyone, bohemian style, delicately chosen colors and fabrics, versatile and comfortable clothing, ethical production and slow fashion - what else do we need? Sololu is revolutionizing the fashion world, not only with their ethical view, but also defending the idea that we don't have to constantly change our wardrobe to feel beautiful! Take a roadtrip to Sololu website and buy what will make you happy, without having to remember which season of the year we are!

- stay natural & be free


*This post was sponsored but all opinions are truly mine. Thanks to Sololu for making the world a better place.