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Hello . Olá . Aloha

We are Patricia & Miguel, a portuguese couple who quit their jobs to make authentic connections with people all around the Earth
We left Portugal for a job in Ireland. We quit our jobs, sold everything, and took the leap.
We started our pursuit of happiness around the world.



My life changed when I stopped being happy. Due to my job I was having several health and emotional problems, nothing made sense to me anymore. So I quit. I gave up the idea that I would have to work in that dream job  for the rest of my life. I wanted to feel good again and I believed that I could heal myself. So I did. I studied holistic health and alternative therapies - the chakras, meridians, ayurveda medicine, reiki and yoga. Today I know that each one of us has a mission in this world: to seek our happiness, all ways, always.



Music was my passion since my childhood, but as I grew up, people always told me to get a real job. So I studied, like everyone else, I got a job, a house and a car. And none of this was enough. I decided to quit this empty life. And that was when I realized that music is what keeps me moving - the flow of the sea, the harmony of the sun, the beating of the earth and the touch of the wind. I believe that music carries all the feelings of life, whispering its sounds by the ears of the world. I like to produce music for the soul.


Traveling has allowed us not only to meet amazing people and places but also to have a sense of reality about the impacts that lie beyond our eyes. We follow a conscious and sustainable lifestyle and we welcome you to learn more about our mission here

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