about freeoversea travel couple

Hello! Olá! Aloha!

My name is Patricia and I was born on a powerful sunset. I am Miguel and I was born during the spring sun.
We met each other at college but followed different paths. After 3 years without saying a word to each other, the universe decided to join us again.
It was full moon, a very warm night and a really special music concert that changed our lives forever.
We're both born in Portugal but our hearts always belonged somewhere else, and that's the reason of our journey...
Around our twenties, we quit our jobs, searching for a better purpose in life and also for a place to call home.
We are exploring our beautiful planet while sharing light & love with beautiful human beings - finding home everywhere the sun shines.
We also love traveling, writing, exploring new places, meeting new people and different cultures.
This is our journey to a life full of sunshine!






I am deeply in love with nature and inspired by the magic that surrounds me in our beautiful Earth.
I self taught myself how to photograph over the past years which is one of my biggest passions.
I started to study energy healing, holistic health, and our body as a whole - the chakras, meridians, crystal healing, reiki, meditation, mindfulness..


I'm inspired by the wonders of the universe and everything that whispers in my ears.
Music is what keeps me moving - the flow of the sea, the harmony of the sun, the beating of the earth and the touch of the wind.
I believe that music is the word that carries all the feelings of life, whispering its sounds by the ears of the world. I don't only make music for the ears, but also for the soul.



our beliefs

Love, energy, intuition, the Universe
The power of nature, animals and people
Everything happens for a reason
Our body has the ability to heal itself


our philosophy

the wind in my hair and sand under my feet
the sun kissing my skin and the infinite salt on my lips

with every form of life or existence

true, whole, real, human, grateful, happy


We created this blog to share our passions and inspire people to live their lives fully - do what you love, follow your dreams, be happy.
The name was born during a period of self-reflection, where we realized that wherever we are, we always want to live free - emotionally (free from pain, fear, judgments, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts..) and physically (free from chemicals, toxic products, artificial food, toxic environments..).
Freeoversea is an online destination for the souls that love sunrises and sunsets, plants and fruits, nature and yoga, travel and adventures, music and arts, and everything that gives a touch of happiness to our planet and ourselves!

Namaste ॐ


*everything written or pictured on this site is of our own creation. please do not use our content without permission