About Us

Hi! Olá! Aloha!

We are Patricia & Miguel, a portuguese couple who quit their jobs to make real connections with real people and find home on Earth.
Patricia was born on a powerful sunset, and Miguel during the strong spring sun. The sun is part of our life, but it was under the moonlight that we fell in love.
We met at college but then our lives took different paths. After 3 years without saying a word to each other, the universe decided to join us.
It was a full moon summer night and a really special music concert that changed our lives forever. We moved from our country,left everything behind and went to work abroad, but around our twenties, we quit our jobs, searching for a better purpose in life. We are exploring our beautiful planet while sharing light & love with wonderful communities and amazing human beings. We love creating, exploring, and meeting new people. This is our journey to a life full of sunshine!



Hi! My name is Patricia and my life changed when I stopped being happy. Due to my job I was having several health and emotional problems, nothing made sense to me anymore. So I quit. I gave up the idea that I would have to work in that dream job  for the rest of my life. I wanted to feel good again and I believed that I could heal myself. So I did. I studied holistic health and alternative therapies - the chakras, meridians, ayurveda medicine, reiki and yoga. Today I know that each one of us has a mission in this world: to seek our happiness, all ways, always.



Hello! I'm Miguel and music was my passion since my childhood, but as I grew up, people always told me to get a real job. So I studied, like everyone else, I got a job, a house and a car. And none of this was enough. I decided to quit this empty life. And that was when I realized that music is what keeps me moving - the flow of the sea, the harmony of the sun, the beating of the earth and the touch of the wind. I believe that music carries all the feelings of life, whispering its sounds by the ears of the world. I like to produce music for the soul.


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